SuperStep Support


Q1: What is SuperStep? A: SuperStep is a fitness DAPP empowered by Game-Fi mechanism. Q2: How does SuperStep work? A: Users equip sneakers and manually activate the SuperStep to start earning Super Green Satoshi Tokens (SGST). When SuperStep is activated, 1 energy will be consumed every 5 minutes.
Q3: Do I have to buy an NFT Sneaker to move2earn? A: Not necessarily. You can claim free sneakers at airdrop event.
Q4: How can I get more Sneakers? A: Invite your friend to get more sneakers.
Q5: What is SGST? A: $SGST is the consumable token of SuperStep which can be earned by making jogging mileage.
Q6: What is SGMT? A: $SGMT is native token at SuperStep which is both consumable and for governance. You can view our whitepaper here.
Q7: When listing? A: We plan to list on PancakeSwap after presale ends, more details will be announced later.
Q8: What is the Level up? A: You can level up your sneakers to legendary by using BNB.
Q9: What is referral rewards? A: Please view here.
Q10: Is there an activation code? A: You don’t need an activation code to register at SuperStep. The project is open for all.
Q11: Do I need to hold some BNB to use SuperStep? A: Yes. SuperStep is on BNB Smart Chain. You can use BNB to purchase NFTs and pay gas fee.
Q12: What is the “Minting” function? A: Users can mint a new NFT Sneaker from two Level 5 Sneakers by burning SGST/SGMT in the SuperStep Website. Each Sneaker can mint 7 times; the higher the minting count, the higher the cost.
Q13: Is it true that the longer I walk/run, the more I earn? A: Yes, as long as you have enough energy.
Q14: How do I increase my energy? A: You can increase your energy by holding more sneakers and higher rarity sneakers.
Q15: How do I replenish my energy? A: 25% of your energy replenishes automatically every 6 hours.