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How to level up my sneaker

What is Vanguard Upgrade?

Common sneaker can be instantly upgraded to legendary sneaker. Every user can only use vanguard upgrade for one time. The Vanguard Upgrade can only be applied to the free sneaker you received by registering an account.

How to level up my sneaker?

Step1, Log-in at airdrop page

Open the link below in your wallet browser, switch to BNB smart chain, enter your information to log-in.

Step2, Upgrade your sneaker

Click the "Level Up" button, view the details, then click the "Level Up" button again.

Step3, Approval

Connect your wallet, than click "Level Up" button, approve your transaction, your sneaker will be automatically upgraded to legendary.
If your wallet balance has been reduced, but your sneaker was not upgraded, please bind your payment wallet to the current account, view more here.