Why cant' I see my purchase history?
Due to Internet latency or other reasons, sometimes your purchase history might not be updated after the transaction succeed. To solve this, you should bind the wallet to your account, here is a guide on how to solve this problem.

Our website accepts Trust Wallet, Metamask, Tokenpocket and other major wallets, please open the website at your wallet browser, here is an example of the Trust Wallet.
Go to https://www.superstep.org/airdrop and sign in your account, Switch the network to BNB smart Chain in your wallet.

Tap the upper-right corner, Click [ACCOUNT], or Click https://www.superstep.org/profile/account

Click [Bind Address], connect your wallet, and sign-in with your wallet.

After binding your wallet address, please go to presale page and refresh, now you should be able to find your purchase history.
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On this page
Step1. Open the website at your wallet browser
Step2. Enter user dashboard
Step 3. Bind your wallet
Step 4. Refresh page